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Pharmacy is the science and practice of preparing, dispensing, and evaluating drugs while also providing additional clinical services. Aspiring candidates in this field require specific skills to become a pharmacist. At KAC, we are expert advisors in pharmacy education in Bangalore, Mangalore.Our consultancy is well-known and highly reputed in India.

Pharmacy is a rapidly growing profession, and higher studies in this field require specialized education to gain a comprehensive understanding of the course and career opportunities. At KAC, our experienced team of experts help each student understand their aspirations and provide them with the necessary guidance to achieve their goals. We are a renowned pharmacy admission consultancy that offers complete career guidance, support, and education to all our students.

KAC is a well-known consultancy in the field of professional education that aims to promote the academic growth and career achievement of all students. Our commitment is to fulfill the dreams of students and their parents. We are recognized as a reputable and dependable resource for guidance on pharmacy education in South India, providing comprehensive support to students seeking admission to pharmacy programs.

Pharm-D (Post Baccalaureate)
M.Pharm- Pharmacology
M.Pharm-Pharmaceutical Technology
M.Pharm-Pharmacy Practice
M.Pharm-Pharmaceutical Chemistry
M.Pharm- Pharmaceutical Biotechnology
M.Pharm-Pharmaceutical Analysis
M.Pharm- Industrial Pharmacy
M.Pharm- Quality Assurance
M.Pharm- Pharmaceutical Marketing & Management
M.Pharm-Bulk Drugs
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