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Life Science

Life Science, also known as biological science, refers to the scientific study of living organisms. This field of education is considered a specialized stream that requires dedicated college counseling services. Students and parents aspire to enroll in the top life science schools to receive the best education and career prospects. At KAC we believe that building a strong foundation is the stepping stone to great success. As a notable life science education consultant, we work with institutions and universities from Mangalore, Bangalore. We are distinguished experts in life science admission in India.

In today’s world, science is regarded as a professional career option that provides enormous opportunities. Apart from Biotechnology, the field of life science offers various courses. As a result, several colleges have emerged, providing these courses. We assist students in obtaining admission to the best science colleges, providing top-quality education, skilled faculty, and promising career prospects

KAC is dedicated to helping students and their parents achieve their dreams. As a leading academic advisor, we specialize in providing life science education consultancy for top science colleges in South India.

BSc. Biotechnology
BSc. Microbiology
BSc. Genetics
BSc. Biochemistry
BSc. Bioinformatics
BSc. Forensic Medicine
BSc. Toxicology
BSc. Food Science
BSc. Nutrition
BSc. Entomology
BSc. Dietetics
MSc. Biotechnology
MSc. Biological Macromolecules
MSc. Applied Medical Sciences
MSc. Neurobiology
MSc. Food Science
MSc. Nutrition
MSc. Microbiology
MSc. Genetics
MSc. Biochemistry
MSc. Bioinformatics
MSc. Forensic Medicine
MSc. Toxicology
MSc. Entomology
MSc. Dietetics
MSc. Immunology
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