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Allied Health

Associated Health” is a healthcare profession that differs slightly from nursing. At KAC Consultancy, we recognize the importance of high-quality education and career success for every student. As the leading experts in Allied Health certification, we provide guidance and assistance to students seeking admission to various institutions, schools, and universities in Mangalore, Bangalore.Our consultancy is widely recognized for its excellence in Allied Health certification guidance

The field of Allied Health comprises of various courses. However, students and their parents often lack information about the options available in the healthcare sector. This makes it difficult for them to choose the right path. In such a scenario, seeking guidance from expert Allied Health education consultants can be helpful in making informed decisions. Our team of professionals not only provides the required guidance but also establishes a strong connection with the students from the beginning of the course selection process until they choose their career path

Our goal at KAC Consultancy is to provide high-quality and authentic guidance to our students with the help of our highly qualified professionals who are experts in the field of education. As a renowned consultancy, we are known for our expertise in Allied Health education and have helped students secure admissions in top medical schools in South India. We are dedicated to our mission of assisting our students in choosing appropriate courses from reputable universities and achieving their career goals.

B.M.L.T- Bachelor of Science in Medical Lab Technology
B.Optom- Bachelor of Optometry
BASLP- Bachelor of Audiology and Speech Language Pathology
B.M.R.S.- Bachelor of Medical Record Sciences
BHA- Bachelor of Hospital Administration
B.Sc. Operation Theatre Technology
B.Sc.Cardiac Care Technology
B.Sc.Perfusion Technology
B.Sc. Neuro Science Technology
B.Sc. Renal Dialysis Technology
B.Sc. Respiratory Care Technology
B.Sc. Anaesthesia Technology
B.Sc. Imaging Technology
B.Sc. Radiotherapy Technology
B.Sc. Prosthetics & Orthotics
B.Sc.Nuclear Medicine Technology
B.Sc .Emergency and Trauma Care Technology
B.Sc. Critical Care Technology
B.Sc. Medical Sociology
B.Sc. Physician Assistant
B.Sc. Electro Neurophysiology
B.Sc . Reproductive and Sexual Medicine
M.M.L.T(Msc.MLT) -Master of Science in Medical Lab Technology
M.M.L.T(Msc.MLT) In Clinical Biochemistry
M.M.L.T(Msc.MLT) In Haematolgy and Blood Transfusion
M.M.L.T(Msc.MLT) In Microbiology and Immunology
MASLP- Master of Audiology and Speech Language Pathology
MHA- Master of Hospital Administration
M.Sc. Perfusion Technology
M.Sc. Clinical Psychology
M.Sc. Clinical Research
M.Sc. Echo Cardiography
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